Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Recently, you may have seen a Supreme Court Case called JANUS v. AFSCME discussed in the news. There is a litany of misinformation about JANUS v. AFSCMEin the public and many concerned IATSE members have reached out to us with questions.  

The basics of this case will decide the ability for public employee unions to retain a ‘union security’ clause in their negotiated contracts. A ‘union security’ clause is a provision which dictates that when you are employed in a union-shop, all employees will pay a ‘fair share fee’ as part of their contribution to union benefits. When a state or law makes a union security clause illegal, the nature of the law is called "Right to Work". JANUS v AFSCMEis poised to impose "Right to Work" laws nation-wide for all public-sector employee unions. 

The IATSE would like to take this opportunity to understand the depth of knowledge IATSE members have about "Right to Work" laws and their impacts on our union. Please take a few minutes to answer the following 16 questions in an online survey.  


Your response will help us answer some of the concerns and questions IA members have about the JANUS case. 

Thank you for your time.

In Solidarity, 


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