Local 706 History

Since 1837, we've been behind the scenes. From the early days of the musical, to the dawn of the film age and beyond, we have created unforgettable images. We are the Hairstylists, Makeup Artists and Wig-Makers. We are the brothers and sisters of Local 706.

A century later, Local 706 received its charter from the IATSE in 1937. As in most infant unions, there were disputes over jurisdiction and IATSE is no exception. There is a fascinating history of our emerging from rancorous turmoils that defined our various crafts. It concerned carpenters and electricians outside the Motion Picture business as well as rival organizations within. It concerned producers and workers, artists and craftsmen, violence and compromise. To learn more of this colorful history, visit our library at Local 706’s office.

Local 706 continues to redefine itself just as the industry that uses our expertise changes to fit new technologies. By joining together, those who came before us were able to change conditions and develop a safe workplace, one in which we are paid a decent salary with benefits that are envied by many outside the Union.

This membership takes pride in the fact that our predecessors saw fit to pave the way for us with blood, sweat and tears. People went without work for long periods to time and suffered tremendous financial and personal hardships-and in some cases literally fought- for the rights and protections that Local 706 members take for granted today. Local 706 has always been populated by proud, gifted and hardworking people; it does justice to their memory that we continue into the future with the same vigor and unity which brought us to where we are today.

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