Michael Hancock
Make-Up Artist

Michael Hancock began his artistic career as a technical illustrator in the aerospace industry, then transitioned into an apprenticeship at Warner Bros. in the 1960’s.While working there, he came up with a silk screen process to render a complete full body tattoo for the movie "Illustrated Man" staring Rod Steiger and Claire Bloom. This process at the time revolutionized the art of temporary tattoos in the industry.  Later in the early 80s he was invited to partner with Fred Blau for the movie "Tattoo" starring Bruce Dern and Maud Adams.  In the preparation for the movie, they had to come up with an ink that would last for more than a day.  Mike formulated a base for the inks and then went to New York to work with a pigment and dye company to figure out whether to use pigments or dyes.  Pigments became the product of choice and because of this formula and its lasting qualities, it they saved the company one full day of shooting. Together with Fred Blau, he helped to revolutionize the art of temporary tattoos with their companynow known as Reel™ Body art Ink.  

Mike was noted for his work on the films "Black Rain" and "Showdown in Little Tokyo". Although he primarily worked as Morgan Freeman’s personal Makeup Artist (working together on 20+ films)- his diverse body of work ranged from Clint Eastwood films to TV series like "Kung-Fu" and "Vega$" and the film "Deliverance". He served as a member of Local 706’s Executive Board 1977-80 and was recognized by the IATSE for his 50 years of membership in 2018.

Drawing of Michael Hancock above is by Bill Corso. 


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