Danne Long (Hayden)

Journeyman Hair Stylist

Danne Long Hayden began her career as an Associate member, working at CBS on daytime television, game shows and sitcoms. When she became a Journeyman, much of her work was remained in the sitcom world.  Three's Company, The Ropers, Double Trouble, the Facts of Life and numerous others kept Danne very busy with John Ritter, Suzanne Sommers, Joyce DeWitt, Norman Fell and Audra Linley Barbara Eden and dozens of cast members.  Sadly, her make-up partner on some of these shows was Brian McManus, who passed away last year.  She moved into the world of primetime episodic television series and displayed her talents on Dynasty and Columbo, and Palmerstown USA.   Danne was plagued by health problems and withdrew from the industry and moved to climates more conducive to her wellbeing.  After suffering two strokes, sister Long passed on January 1, 2017 in hospice and at home.  She is survived by her husband Thomas G. Hayden, and daughter Hannah J. Hayden. Local 706 was not informed of any services.

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