Outstanding Contemporary Hairstyling
Abbott Elementary • Festival • ABC •
Moira Frazier, Department Head Hairstylist
Dustin Osborne, Key Hairstylist
Christina Joseph, Hairstylist
The White Lotus • Abductions • HBO Max •
Miia Kovero, Department Head Hairstylist

Outstanding Period And/Or Character Hairstyling
Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story • Lionel • Netflix • Ryan Murphy Productions for Netflix
Shay Sanford-Fong, Department Head Hairstylist
Maggie Hayes Jackson, Key Hairstylist
Michael S. Ward, Hairstylist
Havana Prats, Additional Hairstylist
The Mandalorian • Chapter 19: The Convert • Disney+
Maria Sandoval, Hair Designer
Ashleigh Childers, Key Hairstylist
Sallie Ciganovich, Hairstylist

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel • A House Full Of Extremely Lame Horses • Prime Video • Amazon Studios
Kimberley Spiteri, Department Head Hairstylist

Outstanding Contemporary Makeup (Non-Prosthetic)
American Horror Stories • Bloody Mary • FX
Tyson Fountaine, Department Head Makeup Artist
Ron Pipes, Key Makeup Artist
Gage Hubbard, Makeup Artist
Heather Cummings, Additional Makeup Artist
Natasha Marcelina, Additional Makeup Artist
Michael Johnston, Additional Makeup Artist
Star Trek: Picard • Võx • Paramount+
Silvina Knight, Co-Department Head Makeup Artist
Tanya Cookingham, Key Makeup Artist
Allyson Carey, Makeup Artist
Peter De Oliveira, Personal Makeup Artist (Sir Patrick Stewart)
Hanny Eisen, Additional Makeup Artist
Kim Ayers, Additional Makeup Artist

Outstanding Period And/Or Character Makeup (Non-Prosthetic)
Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story • Bad Meat • Netflix
Gigi Williams, Department Head Makeup Artist
Michelle Audrina Kim, Key Makeup Artist
Daisy Jones & The Six • Track 10: Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide • Prime Video
Rebecca Wachtel, Department Head Makeup Artist
Sherri Simmons, Key Makeup Artist
RJ McCasland, Makeup Artist
Kim Perrodin, Makeup Artist
The Mandalorian • Chapter 22: Guns For Hire • Disney+
Cristina Waltz, Department Head Makeup Artist
Ana Gabriela Quinonez Urrego, Key Makeup Artist
Alex Perrone, Makeup Artist
Crystal Gomez, Makeup Artist
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel • Susan • Prime Video
Artist Michael Laudati, Makeup Artist
Stranger Things • Chapter Nine: The Piggyback • Netflix
Amy L. Forsythe, Department Head Makeup
Lisa Poe, Makeup Artist

Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup
Star Trek: Picard • The Last Generation • Paramount+
James Mackinnon, Makeup Department Head and Prosthetics
Hugo Villasenor, Key Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Bianca Appice, Key Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Kevin Wasner, Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Afton Storton, Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Kevin Haney, Additional Prosthetic Makeup Artist
Neville Page, Prosthetic Designer
Vincent Van Dyke, Prosthetic Designer

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