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  • Congrats 2020 Emmy Nominees!


    The following list has been revised to include 'Euphoria' under Outstanding Contemporary Makeup (Non-Prosthetic)...

    Outstanding Contemporary Makeup (Non-Prosthetic)

    Big Little Lies• She Knows• HBO
    Michelle Radow, Department Head Makeup Artist

    Erin Rosenmann, Key Makeup Artist
    Karen Rentrop, Makeup Artist
    Molly R. Stern, Personal Makeup Artist
    Angela Levin, Personal Makeup Artist
    Simone Almekias-Siegl, Personal Makeup Artist
    Miho Suzuki, Personal Makeup Artist
    Claudia Humburg, Personal Makeup Artist

    Euphoria• HBO
    Doniella Davy, Department Head Makeup Artist
    Kirsten Sage Coleman, Assistant Department Head Makeup Artist
    Tara Lang Shah, Makeup Artist

    The Politician • The Assassination Of Payton Hobart • Netflix
    Autumn Butler, Department Head Makeup Artist
    Caitlin Martini Emery, Assistant Department Head Makeup Artist
    Debra Schrey, Makeup Artist
    Emma Burton, Makeup Artist

    Outstanding Period And/Or Character Makeup (Non-Prosthetic)

    American Horror Story: 1984• The Lady In White • FX Networks 

    Carleigh Herbert, Department Head Makeup Artist
    Abby Lyle Clawson, Assistant Department Head Makeup Artist
    Melissa "Mo" Meinhart, Makeup Artist
    Lawrence Mercado, Makeup Artist

    Hollywood• Outlaws • Netflix  
    Eryn Krueger Mekash, Department Head Makeup Artist
    Kim Ayers, Assistant Department Head Makeup Artist
    Kerrin Jackson, Makeup Artist
    Ana Gabriela Quiñonez, Makeup Artist

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel• It’s Comedy Or Cabbage • Prime Video 
    Margot Boccia, Makeup Artist

    Pose• Acting Up • FX Networks 
    Deja Smith, Makeup Artist

    Star Trek: Picard• Stardust City Rag • CBS All Access 
    Silvina Knight, Assistant Department Head Makeup Artist
    Robin Beauchesne, Key Makeup Artist
    David Williams, Makeup Artist
    Peter De Oliveira, Makeup Artist
    Natalie Thimm, Makeup Artist

    Outstanding Contemporary Makeup For A Variety, Nonfiction Or Reality Program (Non-Prosthetic)

    Dancing With The Stars• Disney Night • ABC 

    Zena Shteysel Green, Department Head Makeup Artist
    Angela Moos, Key Makeup Artist
    Patti Ramsey-Bortoli, Additional Makeup Artist
    Sarah Woolf, Additional Makeup Artist
    Julie Socash, Additional Makeup Artist
    Alison Gladieux, Additional Makeup Artist
    Donna Bard, Additional Makeup Artist
    Nadege Schoenfeld, Additional Makeup Artist

    The Little Mermaid Live! • ABC
    Bruce Grayson, Department Head Makeup Artist
    Angela Moos, Co-Department Head Makeup Artist
    Jennifer Aspinall, Key Makeup Artist
    Julie Socash, Makeup Artist
    Valerie Hunt, Makeup Artist
    Tym Buacharen, Makeup Artist
    Jennifer Nigh, Makeup Artist
    Robin Beauchesne, Makeup Artist

    The Oscars• ABC • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

    Bruce Grayson, Department Head Makeup Artist
    Angela Moos, Assistant Department Head Makeup Artist
    Jill Cady, Key Makeup Artist
    Peter De Oliveira, Makeup Artist
    Zena Shteysel, Makeup Artist
    Jennifer Aspinall, Makeup Artist
    James Mackinnon, Makeup Artist
    Debra Huss-Humphries, Makeup Artist

    RuPaul’s Drag Race• I’m That Bitch • VH1 

    Natasha Marcelina, Department Head Makeup Artist
    David Petruschin, Makeup Artist
    Jen Fregozo, Makeup Artist

    The Voice• Top 10 • NBC 
    Darcy Diana Gilmore, Department Head Makeup Artist
    Kathleen Karridene, Makeup Artist
    Alexis Walker, Makeup Artist
    Nikki Carbonetta, Makeup Artist
    Erin Guth, Makeup Artist
    Michelle DeMilt, Personal Makeup Artist
    Gloria Elias Foeillet, Personal Makeup Artist

    Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series, Limited Series, Movie Or Special

    American Horror Story:1984• True Killers• FX Networks
    Mike Mekash, Department Head Makeup Artist

    Hollywood• Jump • Netflix 
    Cary Ayers, Makeup Artist
    Bruce Spaulding Fuller, Makeup Artist

    The Mandalorian• Chapter 6: The Prisoner • Disney
    Brian Sipe, Department Head Makeup Artist
    Alexei Dmitriew, Key Makeup Artist
    Carlton Coleman, Makeup Artist
    Samantha Ward, Makeup Artist
    Scott Stoddard, Makeup Artist
    Mike Ornelaz, Makeup Artist
    Sabrina Castro, Makeup Artist  

    Star Trek: Picard• Absolute Candor • CBS All Access 

    James Mackinnon, Special Makeup Effects Department Head
    Richard Redlefsen, Special Makeup Effects Artist
    Alexei Dmitriew, Special Makeup Effects Artist
    Neville Page, Prosthetic Designer
    Michael Ornelaz, Makeup Effects Artist

    Westworld • Crisis Theory • HBO 
    Justin Raleigh, Special Makeup Effects Department Head
    Chris Hampton, Special Makeup Effects Artist
    Thom Floutz, Special Makeup Effects Artist

    Outstanding Contemporary Hairstyling

    black-ish• Hair Day•  ABC 

    Araxi Lindsey, Department Head Hairstylist
    Robert C. Mathews lll, Additional Hairstylist
    Enoch Williams, Key Hairstylist

    Grace And Frankie• The Laughing Stock • Netflix 

    Kelly Kline, Department Head Hairstylist
    Jonathan Hanousek, Key Hairstylist
    Marlene Williams, Personal Hairstylist

    The Politician• Pilot Netflix 

    Chris Clark, Department Head Hairstylist
    Natalie Driscoll, Assistant Department Head Hairstylist
    Havana Prats, Hairstylist

    This Is Us• Strangers: Part Two NBC  

    Michael Peter Reitz, Department Head Hairstylist
    Katherine Rees, Key Hairstylist
    Germicka Barclay, Additional Hairstylist
    Renia Green-Edittorio, Additional Hairstylist
    Corey Hill, Additional Hairstylist

    Outstanding Period And/Or Character Hairstyling

    Hollywood• A Hollywood Ending• Netflix
    Michelle Ceglia, Department Head Hairstylist

    Barry Lee Moe, Assistant Department Head Hairstylist
    George Guzman, Hairstylist
    Michele Arvizo, Hairstylist
    Maria Elena Pantoja, Hairstylist

    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel•A Jewish Girl Walks Into The Apollo…•Amazon 

    Kimberley Spiteri, Department Head Hairstylist
    Michael S. Ward, Key Hairstylist
    Tijen Osman, Additional Hairstylist

    Pose• Worth It•  FX Networks 

    Barry Lee Moe, Department Head Hairstylist

    Star Trek:Picard• Stardust City Rag• CBS All Access
    Maxine Morris, Department Head Hairstylist

    Maria Sandoval, Assistant Department Head Hairstylist
    Wendy Southard, Key Hairstylist
    Sallie Nicole Ciganovich, Additional Hairstylist
    Ashleigh Childers, Hairstylist
    Yesim Osman, Hairstylist

    Outstanding Contemporary Hairstyling For A Variety, Nonfiction Or Reality Program

    A Celebration Of The Music From Coco• Disney

    Jennifer Guerrero, Department Head Hairstylist
    Yvonne Kupka, Key Hairstylist
    Kimi Messina, Additional Hairstylist
    Gail Ryan, Additional Hairstylist
    Amber Maher, Hairstylist
    Yiotis Panayiotou, Hairstylist
    Meg Massey, Hairstylist  

    Dancing With The Stars• Episode 2802• ABC  

    Mary Guerrero, Department Head Hairstylist
    Kimi Messina, Key Hairstylist
    Gail Ryan, Hairstylist
    Cheryl Eckert, Hairstylist
    Jennifer Guerrero, Hairstylist
    Jani Kleinbard, Hairstylist
    Amber Maher, Hairstylist
    Patricia Pineda, Hairstylist

    The Oscars• ABC • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

    Anthony Wilson, Department Head Hairstylist
    Barbara Cantu, Key Hairstylist
    Paula Ashby, Hairstylist
    Vickie Mynes, Hairstylist
    Yvonne Kupka, Hairstylist
    Gail Ryan, Hairstylist
    Iraina Crenshaw, Hairstylist
    Luke O’Connor, Hairstylist

    RuPaul’s Drag Race• I’m That Bitch• VH1 

    Curtis Foreman, Department Head Hairstylist
    Ryan Randall, Hairstylist

    The Voice• Top 10• NBC

    Jerilynn Stephens, Department Head Hairstylist
    Amber Maher, Key Hairstylist
    Regina Rodriguez, Hairstylist
    Renee Ferruggia, Hairstylist
    Darbie Wieczorek, Hairstylist
    Cory Rotenberg, Hairstylist
    Danilo Dixon, Personal Hairstylist
    Robert Ramos, Personal Hairstylist

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