Patricia Budz
Journeyman Hair Stylist

Once in a while there are members who you could always count on, no matter how tough the situation. Patty Budz was one of those people. Tiny, wiry and with wonderful skills, tough talking Patty had no grey areas and no filters, but she had a heart of gold and was always there to help. She joined Local 706 in 1977 and originally worked at Warner Bros. and Universal Studios. She was occasionally a department head, but primarily she worked as a key hair stylist or as extra hands when needed. Her nimble fingers could create any kind of hair style needed, and her sense of humor kept people laughing even when conditions were miserable. She knew what was happening on every production in town, because she worked on all of them. 

She never sat idly by. In the early 2000s she challenged the concept of hair stylists and make-up artists differential in pay and what was perceived as "better conditions." Patty fought tirelessly to help her sisters and brothers and volunteered her time whenever she was able. She earned her Gold Card in 2007 and retired in 2009, moved to Northern California to be closer to family. 

Local 706 was notified in September 2017 that Sister Patricia Budz had passed away in August, 2017. There was no notification of any services or cause of death, but her health had been troublesome for a number of years. Rest in Peace, dear Patty. 


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