To: Industry Experience Members; Journeyman, Trainees and New Media Make Up Artists & Hair Stylists
From: 2018 Basic Agreement Negotiations Committee
Subject: 2018-2021 Basic Agreement Contract Negotiations Brief Overview

Sisters and Brothers,

Early this morning after weeks of negotiations, the IATSE and AMPTP finalized what is actually the best Basic Agreement in decades.  It was contentious on many levels, but the members of the IA ended up with more union gains than ever before.  At the end, 13 West Coast IATSE Locals verbally voted to support the agreement, and one could not (but that is their prerogative).  So, for the vast majority of those who agreed the contract is very good. Your Local was represented by a team of business reps and make-up artists and hair stylists, democratically elected at the General Membership meeting who spent months working on proposals that best represented the members on the broad scope along with other IA members (camera, grip, electric, costumers, art directors, set decorators, etc.) It was not an easy process, but along with Tommy, Randy and Sue, the team of Darrell Redleaf Fielder (h), John Goodwin (mu), Daniel Curet (h), and Karen Westerfield (mu), learned the processes and protocols necessary to conduct successful negotiations.  We commend them for dedicating the time to become educated and involved, they spoke for the members and did a great job.  These were the people actually in the room, where nobody was encouraging or threatening a strike vote.

2018 Basic Agreement Negotiations

Gains Made by IATSE Local 706 Members that Deserve a "Yes" Vote for Ratification

This is not official – it is for your general information and discussion. Official contract documents will be mailed to active Roster members via U.S. mail. 

  • 3% wage increasesfor each year of the contract.
  • 10-hour turnaroundfor episodic television, mini-series, and new media.  This will not apply to pilots, first-season episodic or when on distant location. For features and long-form TV, the provision will apply if you work two consecutive 14-hour days.  An additional hour of straight time pay is the penalty if the new hours of rest are invaded; however, more than this will trigger a "forced call" penalty until contractual rest period is provided (i.e., no existing penalties have been modified). (new) 
  • Courtesy housing or transportationfor work in excess of 14 hours in production centers around the country, NYC and L.A.’s 30-mile zone. In the secondary zone, transportation home and back is now an option (along with the existing mandatory housing) when working more than 12 hours. (new)
  • Protections for those advocating for the safety of others and arbitration provisions.
  • No more "New Media Roster."  Existing NMR members will be placed on the IER and the New Media Roster will be subsumed by the IER.. (new)
  • Full Basic Agreement rates for High-budget ($30 million and above) streaming (SVOD)theatrical motion pictures (replacing the long form rates); and established wages, terms and conditions for Mid-Budget original productions, which previously were fully negotiable between the employee and employer. (new)
  • Additional Pension Funding from Streaming Contentfor $30 million+ live action, 96 minutes or more features shown in a theater, 5.4% for the pension plan, and for animated features, budgeted at $45 million+, 96 minutes or more, 3.6% will be contributed(new)
  • Additional employer contributions to the MPIPHP of $.75 per hour, per year for companies that are currently being subsidized, including independents that produce for Netflix and Amazon, and an additional $.40 per hour by the third year of the agreement for all other companies.  (new)
  • 13thand 14thpension checks for those who retired prior to 2009.
  • $5 per hour stipend increase for CSATF Training, ( a 30% + gain)
  • Longer time to complete initial CSATF training
  • IATTF (Training Trust Fund) contributions for those outside of L.A.  (new)
  • 401K Committee to study the feasibility of establishing a 401(K) Plan.. (new)
  • Production Notifications (clarifies the type of production/contract)
  • On-call employees for 6thand 7thday worked, daily benefit contribution amount raised to 12 hours.  (rarely applies to 706)
  • There are no rollbacks, reductions in conditions, or additional costs to your healthcare.

More official and in-depth information will be forthcoming, but we wanted you to get accurate insight rather than misinformation from social media and news publications with agendas.  

Sincerely, your 2018 Basic Agreement Negotiations Committee

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