Vintage photo of Patti Burck Agalsoff and her young family. 
Pictured with Patti are husband Gregory Agalsoff and sons Andrew and Steven.

Patricia Burck Agalsoff
   Journeyman Hair Stylist    

  (1945 – 2018)

As part of the wave of make-up artists and hair stylists who came to work at Universal Studios during the 1970s and 80s, Patti Burck joined Local 706 in 1977 and enjoyed applying her craft on many of the television series and feature films of that period.  At that time, the Universal lot was constantly buzzing day and night, and 706 members reaped the benefits of constantly moving from show to show.  She earned her Journeyman status in 1978, had eclectic talents and was fortunate to work with up-and-coming talents Robert Zemeckis and Nancy Allen on I Want to Hold Your Hand, joined by the iconic pop band The Beatles.  Patti’s talents were again used on a horror film cult favorite Motel Hell, a true blood and guts comedy-horror film. Patti Burck Agalsoff day-checked and filled in on productions where extra hands were needed. 

After she married, she had two sons who became the center of her life.  Patti honorably withdrew from Local 706 in 1989, but periodically kept in touch.  She moved from California to Idaho and then back to the "gold country" of the Sierra Nevada.  Patricia Burck Agalsoff passed away due to complications from Alzheimer’s Disease on January 15, 2018.  She is survived by her loving husband Gregory Agalsoff, and two sons Andrew and Steven.  There was no mention of services when Local 706 was notified of her passing. 

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