Virginia Darcy
Journeyman Hair Stylist
(1920 – 2018)

One of the most outstanding hair stylists of her generation, Virginia Darcy was a true character, vivacious and sassy, talented and fun to be around but disciplined and exacting in her work ethic.  Virginia loved to laugh and always kept it lively on the set.  She apprenticed at MGM, Universal, Fox and the other major studios and applied for Local 706 membership in 1947, became a Journeyman in 1948, and for the next four decades created hair styles that remain iconic today.  Early in her career, she worked with director Alfred Hitchcock on The Birds, MarnieThe Man Who Knew Too Muchand the Alfred Hitchcock Hour.  She remained in contact with actress Tippi Hedren until just last year when they were scheduled to be presenters at the Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards (but unfortunately Hedren had to cancel at the last minute).  Other features included Funny Girl, (the original) Cape Fear, and Invitation to a Gunfighter.  Her golden age of television credits are even more impressive – she was the hair stylist on the (original) Star Trek, TheMunsters, McHale’s Navy, Kung Fu, the Virginian, Dukes of Hazzard, the Bing Crosby Show, the Jack Benny Programand dozens of others.  Virginia, Al Fama and Dick Smith were all nominated for Primetime Emmys for their outstanding work on North and Southin the mid-1980s.  She had an amazing career and stayed in touch with many of her friends and colleagues after retirement.

For many years Virginia Darcy lived in Carpenteria and recently moved to the Motion Picture Television Fund campus in Calabasas and enjoyed it tremendously.  Unfortunately, her health began to fail at the age of 98, and she passed away on December 26, 2018.  She is survived by her two children, Jim and Dianne, five grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, and 1 great great-grandchild.  Local 706 has not yet been notified of services, but will announce if we learn of any.

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