Laura De'Atley
Make-Up Artist Journeyman

Laura De'Atley started in show business at the age of 15 as a singer. She was on radio shows and won many talent contests. Later at the age of eighteen, she started singing in nightclubs under the name Laura Jean (yes, she lied about her age; she told them she was 21).

In 1942, while living in Detroit, Michigan, her agent told her it was time for her to take new publicity photos; he sent her to one of the best photographers in the business, Murray De'Atley... they were married six months later. The following year their first child, Murray Jr. was born in New York.

She continued entertaining in clubs as well as USO shows.

In 1947, Laura and her family moved to Los Angeles, California where her husband became a film cameraman. Laura continued working. One of her favorite jobs was working at Capitol Records where she was surrounded by music.

In 1954 her second child was born, Irene. In the 1960's she decided to stay home and spend more time with her family.

In 1968, Laura was approached to record an album with musician/arranger Mel Henke and her single "Ma" and B side "You'll Never Know" got a lot of air play on the radio. 

In May of 1977 she joined Local 706 as a Body Make-up Artist; she LOVED her job, and elevated to Trainee, then Journeyman Make-up Artist after the Body Make-up category was eliminated. She retired in April, 2000. Yes, you could definitely say, "show business was in her blood".

Laura was 97 years old. She leaves behind daughter (Journeyman Hair Stylist) Irene De'Atley-Stramisky, son-in-law Michael Stramisky, and sister (Journeyman Hair Stylist) Barbara Lorenz. Laura had four grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Some of her credits included: One Day at a Time, Blade Runner, Cannery Row, Jagged Edge, Beaches, Big Business, Basic Instinct, Sliver, My Life, Showgirls, The Ellen Show.


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