5 Minute Video Submission Guidelines
2017-2018 MUAHS Guild Awards

Deadline for 5 Minute Video Submission: January 23, 2018 (5:00 PST)

Congratulations on your nomination! It's a great honor and we hope you're enjoying the fun. The next step is to submit a 5 Minute Video showcasing your work. All 2017-2018 video submissions of nominated artists/awards will be accessible via Vimeo for authorized voting members to review. Links to the 2017-2018 Awards Video Library will be provided at the time of final voting.

Please follow the video submission guidelines and upload instructions below.

Video Guidelines  

  1. Clips shall be a maximum of 5 minutes.  
  2. Any clip more than 5:00 minutes will be eliminated. You may use a shorter time.
  3. Content must be edited ONLY from the original production submitted for an award. Excerpts from the production must be presented exactly as they appeared in the final release version of the film, television, commercial or theatrical presentation and should focus only on the make-up and hair styling achievements under consideration. If an episode was submitted, please only show the work of that episode. 
  4. NO Additional music should be added to the soundtrack.
  5. No additional editorial blending is allowed.
  6. No EPK, no "B" roll.
  7. No interviews or additional footage.
  8. 5 minute reels must be submitted by January 23, 2018 AT THE LATEST!!!
  9. Video file size is important; please keep it under 2GB for a 5 minute clip; Larger files will be deleted.

Video Uploads 

  1. All videos must first be uploaded to the internet via Vimeo or our Dropbox account.
  2. We need to be able to copy the video into our Vimeo account; linking will not be accepted.
  3. Please find and use the title for your entry in the below list. i.e. 110 - Your Title. This is important because it keeps all the videos and categories in the correct order on the ballot. The number before your entry is the official Ballot ID for that category/award.  
  4. If you have more than one entry but only one video, duplicate the video and upload for each entry indicating the Ballot ID number and Title from the below list. 
  5. We use Vimeo https://vimeo.com and upload videos at HD resolution when possible. If you upload to your Vimeo account make sure to set "sharing" as "private" and invite videos@ialocal706.org to have permission to download. Note: In your privacy settings "What can people do with this video?" Check "Download it." This is very important.
  6. We also have a dropbox service where you can upload your videos. Please request the link fromvideos@ialocal706.org and we will send you the "upload" link. Videos uploaded this way go directly into Vimeo.
  7. In the "subject line" of your email, always identify the Ballot ID and Production Title.
  8. If you use a service like Vimeo, we recommend that you make your content "Private" and then share the link to: videos@ialocal705.org with Ballot ID and Production Title in the subject line. Example: 110 Your Production
  9. It is the responsibility of the nominee to correctly identify the video submission.
  10. Emails without correct identification (Ballot ID and Production Title) create confusion and may be returned for clarification. 
  11. Please do not wait until the last minute! We will need time to upload your video on the website in time for final voting.
  12. If it is discovered that submission information is incomplete, we will attempt to return it to you for correct completion. However, Local 706 assumes no responsibility for incorrectly submitted videos becoming eliminated because of delays.
  13. Make no reference to the individuals, facilities or production companies associated with the work for submission.
  14. Do NOT superimpose logos, lower thirds or bugs on the work to be judged.
  15. The piece should appear exactly as aired.
  16. Good luck and see you in February!

    2017-2018 MUAHS Guild Awards Committee

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